Travel With Your Bike? Volagi Has You Covered With Our Included Shipping Case!

This one just went out to a popular shop in Wisconsin so they could check out the Liscio!

Have bike, will travel. That’s how that saying goes, right? Riding in exotic locales can be one of a cyclists greatest pleasures, but in order to do so, you have to get your bike there first. So that means either purchasing a hard sided travel case, or one of the newer soft or inflatable cases, or at least having to track down a bike box from your local bike shop, right?

What if you could just reuse all of the packaging and the box that your bike came in, in the first place? That’s exactly what we thought, which is why our complete first shipment of bikes all come in a reusable travel case.

Check out the details of our travel case after the break!

If you’ve never had the chance to open a Volagi for the first time before, let me tell you – the packaging is amazing. Packed in three layers, nearly every part of the bike is protected with layers of thick foam sandwiching everything together. The best part is that nearly every bit of packaging is able to be reused, which should help to keep it out of landfills (hopefully to be recycled at the end of its life).

While the outside of the clam shell case is heavy duty corrugated plastic, the inside of the case features a corrugated cardboard liner to add rigidity to the case itself. Everything fits nice an neat, with extra room should you decide to try and fit your shoes or riding gear in the box as well.

Once your bike is all wrapped up and protected inside the box, it’s time to strap it all together. To do so, you will need the included strap to securely hold the clam shell case closed. In order to make things as easy as possible, the strap is one piece with 3 vertical buckles and one horizontal.

Start by laying the three vertical straps across the top of the case with the two sewn in handles sitting on the top of the case. This will ensure that when you are finished, the handles will be at the top of the case, rather than on the side, bottom, or tangled up around your feet.

At this point, you will want to fasten the horizontal strap, making it snug but not super tight. Try to keep the vertical straps in place, as this will save you a lot of repositioning in the end.

Once the horizontal strap is in place, you can turn the case on its side in order to fasten all 3 vertical straps. I prefer to fasten them underneath the horizontal strap as it keeps them in place a little better.

Now, simply tighten all straps, and tuck in the excess strap into the clips to keep them from flapping. If you are shipping your bike rather than taking it on a plane, I like to use packing tape to keep the excess ends of the straps in place.

There you have it. An easy, durable, and reusable way of packing your Liscio for your next adventure. Best of all, it’s free! Just buy a Volagi Liscio and the case is yours.


3 thoughts on “Travel With Your Bike? Volagi Has You Covered With Our Included Shipping Case!

  1. Better send a cased bike out my way so I can confirm the practicality and simplicity. Can never be too careful with these things.

  2. This box is awesome. I flew mine back from NYC to Brisbane, Australia via Dallas, and Los Angeles, so half way across the globe with a couple of stopovers for the Tarmac gorillas to throw it around a few times. Bike arrived in perfect condition without a scratch. Just like with the rest of the bike, the volagi guys have thought of everything with these bikes, the box was the cherry on top of the cream on top of a very nice piece of Christmas pudding…

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