The Lawsuit…

Drawing from VOLAGI'S patent.

As some of you might have heard, Volagi is currently  being sued by Specialized over claims of intellectual property theft. While we can’t go into all of the details of the case, we would like to thank all of our dealers, customers, and fans for the tremendous amount of support we have had since the beginning.

As you can imagine, starting a business from scratch is hard enough, but to have a frivolous lawsuit thrown in on top of things would be enough to push just about anyone to the brink. From day one, we have been using our limited resources to create a unique product that didn’t currently exist in the market, and provide top notch customer service. Imagine our surprise, when we were blind-sided by the lawsuit from Specialized, which has become an unsurpassed economical and emotional strain on the company. However, as you might expect, a company founded on endurance isn’t going to give up that easily. After all, “by endurance we discover.”

While the world of cycling used to be a welcoming place for innovation and new ideas, lately it seems it has become easier to sue the little guys than to “innovate or die.” Specialized has developed quite the reputation for sending cease and desist letters or suing a small companies in hopes to inundate them with paperwork and lawyer’s fees to try and effectively eliminate them as competition. It is a shame that Specialized feels it so necessary to attack small businesses such as Volagi, simply because they feel threatened by someone else who happens to “innovate.” While Specialized certainly has contributed to the cycling community in many ways, just imagine what could be done if the millions of dollars they have at their disposal were instead used to promoting cycling rather than hinder it?

We have a tremendous amount of respect for what Specialized has been able to accomplish in bringing cycling to the world, as one of the most prolific brands in the industry. However we know for a fact that we have done nothing wrong and are in no way harming or stealing from Specialized, which will be made clear after the trial. The Liscio was not designed on Specialized company time, nor does it violate any of Specialized’ patents.  This isn’t just a battle for Volagi, this is a fight for free market enterprise. We urge you to support and restore fairness and competition for our nation’s small businesses.


15 thoughts on “The Lawsuit…

  1. That’s a gorgeous ride! Obviously you have struck a nerve and instilled some fear with your geometry and patent. Great job! I am an Orbea rider (Onix Dama). Would be cool to know if y’all have a woman’s specific design. Once again, KUDOS!

  2. I saw the CBS report.

    You must be on to something important to have Specialized so concerned. I’m no lawyer but deal with IP law all the time. You are so clearly in the right here. I would hope that the burden of proof is on Specialized, also that a court in Santa Clara County would see the importance of supporting the rights of the innovator, regardless of how many lawyers Specialized can pack in a court room.

    I’m convinced your in the right. Hang in there!

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  4. That is American Way. If you can’t beat competition but have money, sue them. I hope Volagi have enough resources to fight.

    Disclosure: I do not owe Specialized or Volagi products.

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  7. Hang in there. Glad to see that the whole world of bike bloggers and their followers seem to be right behind you.Hope that the court feels the same way. With bikesnobnyc AND drunkcyclist on your side, how can they think otherwise.

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  9. This is the last straw from specialized, I’m sick of watching them embarrass themselves and the entire industry with frivolous litigation against comparatively tiny competitors who in no way threaten their hold on 95% of their market.
    Shame on specialized and all of my luck to you in brushing them off.

  10. Bob – It pains me to see you have to fight off a lawsuit like this over your own ideas and innovations. You’ve been an innovator in one form or another for the 30+ years I’ve known you, and you are the single most driven, honest, and forthright person I’ve had the honor to know. I wish you and everyone at Volagi only the best in this struggle – I know you’ve fought through much worse, and survivied and thrived. This, too, will ultimately make you stronger.

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