Latest on the Suit…

First of all, thanks for the tremendous outpouring of support as we weather this S-storm. The bike industry has always been more of a family than a job for us, and this just proves it. In an effort to keep everyone up to date, we’ve compiled a list of links about the current state of things for Volagi.

Unfortunately, Specialized has requested for Judge Woodhouse to place us under a gag order (again) so the ability for Robert or Barley to speak with the press will be prevented until the gag order is lifted. However, it is a public case so if you happen to be in San Jose, you can catch the trial at the Santa Clara County Superior Court. 190 N. 1st Street, San Jose, Court Room #4.

Thanks for the support, and if you haven’t done so all ready, check out the bottom right corner of the blog to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Links to the news stories after the break!

Cycling News & Bike Radar

BikeRumor here, and here.

Bicycle Retailer here and here.


CBS SanFranciso Video

Mercury News

Cycling iQ



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