VeloNews Calls Liscio the Bike of the Future!

Photo Credit: Brad Kaminski

Wow. We weren’t expecting this. Finally some good news for Volagi. Starting on page 14 of the 2012 VeloNews Buyer’s Guide, you can read all about the Bike of the Future: The Volagi Liscio! Obviously, we’re biased and have to think our bike is the future, but to have it put out in the open by the likes of VeloNews? We couldn’t be happier.

Read the full article after the break!

Click on the image to enlarge, then click again to enlarge further.

This looks to be a great issue of the Buyer’s Guide, so make sure to pick up a copy at your local shop or bookstore. If your browser is having trouble with the images above, click on the following links for viewable PDFs.  015_VeloBG and 016_VeloBG.


4 thoughts on “VeloNews Calls Liscio the Bike of the Future!

  1. I was finally lucky enough to test ride one during the Tour down Under in Australia the other week. It looks better in the flesh and rides brilliantly and corners/handles like a dream. The savings goal has certainly been set. Just waiting for the hydro STI’s, and I’m on one !!!!

    • Think about it, Michael: with battery powered shifting, STI is obsolete! You just mount a pair of buttons on the bars near your fingertips, maybe on the tops too, and now all the STI clockwork reduces into a simple brake lever once more, and the master cylinder/brake lever is made by the same designers as the hydraulic calipers. I’ll go there when it is available, but for now the future is here. Mechanical D-A and mechanical Avid BB-7 is unsurpassed, and I’m not waiting.

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