We Won! (Essentially)

Volagi co-founders Barley Forsman (left) and Robert Choi walk out of the San Jose Superior Court in downtown San Jose, Calif., on Friday Jan. 13, 2011 after the jury dismissed Specialized Bikes claims of design infringement and confidentiality contract breaching. Photo by Stan Olszewski/SOSKIphoto.com

If you haven’t heard by now, we are extremely pleased to tell you that the court battle is over. Volagi won. Mostly.

I suppose it depends on which side you talk with, but on Friday the 13th no less, a jury dismissed all charges against Volagi and Barley. With the exception of finding Robert liable for Breach of Contract, it was a total victory for Volagi. Even that issue had quite a lot of grey area as many legal things do, but the most important aspect of it all was the jury’s symbolic act of ordering Robert to pay Specialized one dollar in damages. One Dollar!

Obviously, there are legal fees on top of that, though we feel fortunate that we are able to continue our business with all of our ideas, products, and patents intact. We feel we have proven ourselves to the world, and from this point on we will only be looking toward the future.

We owe a huge thank you to all of our dealers, friends, fans, and customers who have given us a tremendous amount of support throughout the whole process. It means more than you know.

If you’re clamoring for more info on the lawsuit settlement, check out the links to all the different stories after the break!

Settlement Coverage:









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