Liscio Named One of Outside Magazine’s 9 Best Road Bikes of Spring!

Bluebonnet season in Texas! A pair of Volagis on a 200k. Daniel Sanchez and Janet Foster

The best reviews we ever get are of happy Volagi customers sending us pictures from great rides, as Janet and Daniel illustrate above in Texas. Nothing makes us happier than hearing that our customers love their Liscios.

Second best are great reviews from popular media sources, such as Outside Magazine. We’re honored that they chose the Liscio as one of their 9 best road bikes of Spring! They seemed to love the comfort of the Liscio frame and seem to agree with us that the increased modulation of disc brakes will soon cause them to become standard equipment on road bikes. They read our minds.

Check out the full review after the break, or click on the link above to get it right from the source!

From Aaron Gulley, Outside Magazine:

The 9 Best Road Bikes of Spring 2012

How’d we pick ’em? Our primary evaluation process took place over seven days in January on the trails and back roads outside Tucson, Arizona. We spent three days spinning 13-mile laps on a road loop from Gates Pass. Back at Outside’s Santa Fe headquarters, we kept pedaling: racking up additional miles on the road bikes.

Best For: Century specialists and early adopters.

The Test: It’s only a matter of time before disc brakes—which have top-notch modulation and present no risks to carbon rims—are standard on road bikes. Volagi, the NorCal startup notoriously created by two former Specialized employees, dives in first with this disc-equipped endurance machine. Riding in a group, we liked the slight speed adjustments that could be made by feathering the brakes, though a few testers complained of a shimmy in the rotors when stopping hard. The bike’s unique design—the longbow-style seatstays meld straight into the top tube—soaked up road chatter like Charmin, and the laid-back geometry and low center of gravity made for a remarkably stable ride.

The Verdict: Perfect for long days or your next cobbled adventure. 18.7 lbs


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