Good News for Big Riders: New XL Seat Post for Liscio

Love the Liscio, but need more post than the stock 57 or 60 provides? We hear you, and that is exactly why we now have our new XL seat post for the Volagi Liscio. The new seat post is 420mm as opposed to our current post which slots in at 380mm. Not only is the extension increased by 40mm, but the post also offers 40mm of additional insertion as well. A seat post all the way extended with possibly a bigger rider on the seat leads to a lot of leverage, which is why the additional insertion is beneficial.

The XL post is more than just a longer seat post though, jump past the break to check out a few other features!

Comparing the insertion of the two seat posts.

We have noticed that with a few of our bikes underneath taller test riders that the post had a tendency to slip or rock a small bit. This was almost always when a rider had the seatpost close to the minimum insertion line, so to improve that we have added 40mm of additional insertion. This should solve any of those issues for certain riders, and still allow the seatpost to be dropped a good amount. On 57 and 60cm models that will now come stock with this post, if you run into an issue of not being able to get the saddle low enough, you can still cut the post down to the desired size – just make sure to leave the same insertion length.

To help cope with additional weight on the post, our new XL post has a 2mm thicker cradle where it supports the rails of the saddle. The new cradle will find its way onto all posts in the very near future.

Comparing the two cradles side by side, you can really tell the difference. Yes, the new cradle will be a tiny bit heavier, for the additional strength, it’s a small price to pay (5 grams?)

Last, but definitely not least, is a new saddle adjustment bolt. The new bolt is 15mm longer to allow riders to have a saddle with the nose tilted up. The current bolt maxes out if the saddle is just tilted up above level, so the new bolt will allow more adjustment of the saddle. Not only that, but the longer adjustment bolt will allow for the use of carbon railed saddles which have a taller 8.5 or 9.6mm rail. It also has a star shaped head instead of the knurled round head, which should make adjusting it easier.

Now, for availability – if you think you need the XL post for your Liscio you currently own, either stop by your local Volagi dealer, or drop us a line at The XL post will be stock on size 57 and 60cm Liscios effective immediately. Additionally, the saddle angle adjustment bolt and the new cradle will be stock on all new seatposts. If you’re in need of the bolt, the same applies, either ask at your local Volagi dealer or drop us a line.


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