Don’t forget, the Solidarity Ride is this Saturday!

Hello Friends,
The support so far for the Solidarity ride has been great, and we are so excited to see over 70 people registered to ride with us this Saturday, 6/9! There will be two routes to follow, a 100 mile ride lead by Volagi design guru Barley Forsman and a 61 mile ride lead by Volagi Tech Master Omar Sison. The one and only Robert Choi will be riding throughout the course, most likely looking for hill repeats and never taking the easy route. First thing in the morning have a cup of coffee, specially brewed by our friend Michael  Breden who is the proprietor of Drip Mobile Coffee. He will be ready to help you get your caffeine fix at 7:15am. The 100mile ride starts at 8:10am and the 61 mile ride heads off at 9:10am .
Trek Store of Santa Rosa is providing a SAG vehicle, carrying a few supplies and water should you run into any issues out on the road. You should see their white van around mile 20 near Green Valley Rd. and Harrison Grade Rd. and around Fallon Two Rock Rd. and Carmody Rd. Joe and Arlene Morgan will be providing a rest stop with water, strawberries, Heed, Perpetum, cookies and drinks in Valley Ford so you can fuel up and relax for the second half of the ride.
At the end of the ride, you will find yourself back at Volagi HQ where we will have refreshments and homemade food. We’d love for you to stick around and check out our set up and get to know all of us, but if you can’t stay feel free to continue on to your next adventure.
Throughout the ride Michael Sexton will have his video camera a certain points during the ride to commemorate the day. After all, this is to offer you THANKS for all the support we have gotten from people like you.
Even if you haven’t registered, feel free to show up and bring a friend, or three! All are welcome, and we can’t wait to see all of you for the ride! If you have any questions feel free to email us at
Thanks, and see you out on the road!


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