Volagi Liscio: The Perfect Biathlon Training Tool?

Christian Bache thinks so. Meet Christian, Volagi’s first sponsored rider out of Sweden. Everyone I meet outside the industry are always quick to ask if we have any professional race teams that are riding out bikes, to which I reply that our bikes aren’t really designed to be race bikes – but a bike you would want to spend a lot of time on. Which is just perfect if your sport is mostly winter based and you need something to keep you in shape over the summer.

For those not familiar with the biathlon, it features an entertaining mix of cross country skiing and target shooting. With a gun. That you carry on your back while you ski. Sounds fun right?

According to Christian, biathlon is now the 4th most popular spectator sport in Sweden. Originally from Norway, Christian has lived in Sweden for 6 years now and is competing for his new home country, hoping to eventually make the Olympic team. In the mean time, Christian has been instrumental in creating the first professional Swedish biathlon team that includes both members from Norway and Sweden.

Check out Christian on his Liscio after the break!

When Christian approached for sponsorship we weren’t exactly sure how it would fit into biathlon, until we saw how serious Christian takes his training. Turns out the Liscio is the perfect compliment to his winter training to keep his cardio and strength up when there is no snow!

After all, the Liscio is built for long days in the saddle, but not at the expense of performance. For a professional athlete looking for the ultimate training bike, the Liscio is a safe bet. Not to mention the disc brakes will keep Christian stopping happily right up to the point where there is too much snow to ride.

We would like to wish Christian best of luck in the upcoming biathlon season, and are very happy to have him riding a Liscio!


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