Good News for Big Riders: New XL Seat Post for Liscio

Love the Liscio, but need more post than the stock 57 or 60 provides? We hear you, and that is exactly why we now have our new XL seat post for the Volagi Liscio. The new seat post is 420mm as opposed to our current post which slots in at 380mm. Not only is the extension increased by 40mm, but the post also offers 40mm of additional insertion as well. A seat post all the way extended with possibly a bigger rider on the seat leads to a lot of leverage, which is why the additional insertion is beneficial.

The XL post is more than just a longer seat post though, jump past the break to check out a few other features!

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We’ve taken the wraps off of the Viaje!

Ok, you’ve seen the teaser pic that’s been floating around the internet. So, for those who aren’t going to be able to see the Viaje in person at Sea Otter, we’d like to give you a taste of what you can expect from the new bike. Robert and Omar spent some time playing, er, testing the new bike outside of Volagi headquarters.

Take a look at a few more pictures after the break and tell us what you think!

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Introducing Volagi’s Newest Bike, the Viaje!

When Volagi introduced its first bike in 2010, the Liscio quickly gained widespread attention due to its revolutionary use of disc brakes. However, many thought that Volagi had set out to do the impossible: to start a new bike company that would compete directly with the industry giants.

However, fast forward to the present and Volagi is alive and well. Sure, they’ve had a few road blocks along the way (lawsuit?), but Volagi’s customer base is quickly growing.  There is palpable excitement among many in the industry over the burgeoning trend of road discs, and with Volagi situated squarely at the forefront of that trend, they are excited to be able to offer expanded options to their consumers in the near future…

What is more exciting though, is the opportunity to showcase some of those parts on an all new bike! Volagi is extremely proud and excited to announce the newest member of their bicycle line up, the all-new Viaje!

Get the details on the all new Viaje after the break, or come see it in person at Sea Otter, booth #318!

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