Solidarity Ride 2012: We ride together for the love of the sport

If you haven’t heard yet, we’ve finally hammered down the details for the 2012 Volagi Solidarity Ride! Join us for a ride that simply focuses on why we all ride: for the fun of it!

We want to thank all of our supporters, customers, dealers, friends, and family who have gotten us through everything to this point, and we can think of no better way than to go for a ride.

Check out the full details of the ride after the break, and please join us!

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Travel With Your Bike? Volagi Has You Covered With Our Included Shipping Case!

This one just went out to a popular shop in Wisconsin so they could check out the Liscio!

Have bike, will travel. That’s how that saying goes, right? Riding in exotic locales can be one of a cyclists greatest pleasures, but in order to do so, you have to get your bike there first. So that means either purchasing a hard sided travel case, or one of the newer soft or inflatable cases, or at least having to track down a bike box from your local bike shop, right?

What if you could just reuse all of the packaging and the box that your bike came in, in the first place? That’s exactly what we thought, which is why our complete first shipment of bikes all come in a reusable travel case.

Check out the details of our travel case after the break!

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